MSLogo3Welcome to Meadows Studios, a one-stop shop for all your audio needs. And for reasonable rates.

  • Are you a band who has just recorded a couple of songs and would like to get them mixed and released on iTunes and other distribution networks?
  • Are you a singer or songwriter looking for a quality mix for your demo or debut EP?
  • Perhaps you’re a voice-over artist and want to produce a show-reel for your portfolio?
  • Or you need some sound design elements for your latest film production?

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Meadows Studios can help you achieve these goals and more. Some of the services we provide include*:

iStock_000005609782XSmallOnline mixing – Affordable mixing of your songs to a professional standard.


?????Sound editing – Let your audio be the best it can be: have it edited professionally by experienced sound editors.


iStock_000006043084XSmallVO production - We have many years experience in VO recording and production for many of the world’s top-tier clients.


iStock_000000137358XSmallProduction consultation – Honest feedback on your songs, and if necessary, how they can be improved upon.


iStock_000000086922XSmallMusician services – With over 25 years of experience, we can help shape your song with additional instrument tracks.


iStock_000006043680XSmallLocation recording – Mobile Pro Tools multi-track recording rig, ready to record at your location.


*Meadows Studios caters for the online mixing market and, as such, does not  at present facilitate recording full bands on-premises.

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(PLEASE NOTE: I am not Rhian nor am I affiliated with his studio)

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